Let’s innovate with purpose together

We are a young tech company with big goals, yet humble values. Despite our size, we get to help some of the largest enterprises in the world, across critical industries.

We’re also part of several startups where we get to put our hearts into building our MVP and accelerate the product roadmap towards continuous success.

We advocate for diversity & unity. We also support & organize tech communities and non-profit upskilling advocacies, so we can share our love for technology to everyone.

Join the team

We’re a happy bunch of techies who like working together, learning non-stop & helping each other help others.

We offer trainings and certifications, and put focus on individual learning path. We have regular mentorship sessions and encourage everyone to be part of tech communities and events.

One of our core principles is open communication. Your ideas matter and everyone gets to speak their mind and listen with curiosity and respect.

Our projects are challenging, yet fulfilling. And every achievement we make is due to every individual behind that success.

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Full-stack Developer

Dewise is searching for permanent full stack developers to work with us on challenging projects for our large enterprise customers. View Job Description >

React Native Developer

Dewise is searching for permanent React Native developer to work with us on challenging projects View Job Description >